So, what’s all this about What’s Cooking?


Welcome to What’s Cooking?, a new cooking show presented on LexMedia, Lexington community cablevision.  To see when our episodes are airing, and to watch our shows right now on-demand, visit the LexMedia website


What’s Cooking? is a multiple-episode approximately 30 minute program featuring chefs and experts who discuss and demonstrate recipes and cooking techniques.  Anything relating to eating and drinking is fair game for our program!


We need help.  Would you like to get involved?

·        We are looking for chefs and cooks who have a recipe or recipes they would like to show others. 

·        We are looking for experts or people with experience with any aspect of food, drink, cooking, preparation that they could discuss for our audience. 

·        We are looking for volunteers to help with program preparation, filming, post-production (we (other than LexMedia staff) are all unpaid but enthusiastic volunteers!). 

If this sounds interesting to you, if you would like to explore how you can get involved, or if you have questions about anything we’ve said here or anything I’ve not said, please let us know!  Best way is via email: click to email producers Steve and Evie

Thanks for visiting us!

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