So, What’s Cooking?


Welcome to What’s Cooking?, a new cooking show presented on LexMedia, Lexington community cablevision. 

Here are the recipes our chefs present on the program.


Episode 1 – Cook Carrie Taylor  view episode 1 on YouTube

·        Fruit Water

·        Watermelon Margarita

·        Bruschetta

·        Zucchini Fritters

Episode 2 – Cook Carrie Taylor view episode 2 on YouTube

·        Key Lime Mousse

·        Pizza Dough

·        Homemade Pizza Sauce

·        Romesco Sauce

Episode 3 – Cook Carrie Taylor view episode 3 on YouTube

·        Gaspacho Soup

·        Spring Roll Salad with either Ginger dressing or Peanut dressing

Episode 4 – Cook Carrie Taylor view episode 4 on YouTube

·        Vegetarian taco salad

·        Watermelon dippers

 Episode 5 – Cook Carrie Taylor view episode 5 on YouTube

·        Apple Lasagna

·        Corn and Tomato Salsa

·        Curry Pumpkin Soup

·        Fresh Cole Slaw

Episode 6– Cook Carrie Taylor view episode 6 on YouTube

·        Baba Ganoush

·        Blue Cheese Apple Puffs

·        Krautburgers

·        Three Onion Soup

Episode 7– Cook Carrie Taylor view episode 7 on YouTube

·        Fennel Panzanella

·        Pumpkin Parmesan Shells

·        Strange Flavored Eggplant

·        Tomato Ice Cream

Episode 8– Cook Carrie Taylor view episode 8 on YouTube

·        Enchiladas and Ranchero Sauce

·        Green Tomatillo Salsa

·        Mole Poblano

·        Pico de Gallo

·        Vegetarian Enchilada Filling

Episode 9– Cook Carrie Taylor view episode 9 on YouTube

Thanksgiving episode

·        Brandy Stuffed Mushrooms

·        Homemade Bread Stuffing

·        Mashed Potato Waffles

·        Pumpkin Praline Pie

Episode 10- Cook Carrie Taylor view episode 10 on YouTube

Hanukkah episode – recipes good all year round!

·        Jewish Oil Cake

·        Hanukkah Beef Brisket

·        Holiday Felafel

·        Potato Latkes

Episode 11- Cook Carrie Taylor view episode 11 on YouTube

Christmas morning brunch episode – make-ahead recipes – not just for Christmas!

·        Cream Cheese French Toast with Strawberry Topping (with Irish Cream if you’re daring)

·        Pancake Casserole with Maple Syrup

·        Eggs Benedict

·        Toad in the Hole

·        Bellini Bowl


Episode 12 Cook Reem Jared view episode 12 on YouTube

Chocolate Valentine’s episode link to recipes

·        Chocolate Truffles view on YouTube

·        Candied Orange Peel and Chocolate-Dipped Dried Fruit view on YouTube


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Recipes are copyright ©2014 and 2015 True Images Photography and/or the named cook.  They are for your personal use only.

What’s Cooking? is produced by Steve Isenberg and Evie Tse with the help of LexMedia.  You can watch episodes of the show on-demand at LexMedia: watch us, on-demand, Cooking Shows; or using the links above. 

We’re eager to hear from you; please direct any comments or questions to the producers.  Also let us know if you’d like to learn more and maybe become a cook on-the-air!

Also…we are producing other “What’s” shows: What’s Brewing (initially on coffee); What’s Happening Chinese Edition; and more.  Let us know if you’d like to learn more, have some ideas, or get involved!  We’re into having fun.  Contact the producers.




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